Visual Storytelling

What is “visual storytelling”?

An engaging story is exciting! You are inviting people to go on a journey with you. Your visual story is where it all begins and sets the stage. It is the first impression of a website, an event invitation, or a poster. In retail it is the first glimpse of a store, or a window display.

What is your visual story saying?

How can visual storytelling help?

Do you feel like something is missing when you look at your story? Does it speak to you? Your audience? If not, your visual story probably isn’t creating the right setting. When effective, your visual story builds a bridge between you and your listener. A connection is made! Then, a conversation can begin.

Do you need help with your visual story?

Creating Stories that Communicate with Your Audience


Finding the Key

How do you get to the best visual story? Find out about the 3-step process.


Results Oriented

For over 25 years, Adri has been privileged to create narratives that communicate. She is passionate about visual stories that get results.



Brand creation, marketing collateral, custom photography and illustrations as needed.


Adri will help you bring your project to life so it is creative, organized, and results oriented.


Always pursuing a new idea to make your story better, Adri likes to keep the concepts unique, yet simple and clear.

See Adri’s Story, to find out more about her creative journey.


When information is organized well, it is easier to understand. This statement applies to the content of a project and how the project is run.

In The Process find out more about how Adri works with you to bring your project to life.

Results Oriented

Adri’s passionate that creativity be USEFUL to create a conversation and get your project results.

You can view projects Adri has worked on in Featured Work and how she can assist you in Services.


Together, let’s find your story!

Listening for the Key

We start by listening to your story. Put all of the pieces of the puzzle on the table. Together, we will look for the thread that goes through your story that will be the key.

Your Story Essence

As we filter and sort through your story, we will gradually see the essence. Once we have that nugget, the designing can begin.


With the key to your story in hand, you can unlock all of the design and marketing decisions.

Expressing your story starts with a creative process, but we also keep the technological and structural needs in balance. While your customers see and read a beautiful and clear story, they should also be able to absorb the narrative easily. That means, for example, a brochure should take you from page to page seamlessly.

If your project requires extra expertise, Adri knows people she can call on to add to the team.

Adri values projects that help people in some way learn, be better, or improve their situations, such as education, health and wellness, encouraging creativity, and communication to name a few.




Adri considers your story, then finds the right medium so it will share well.

  • identity systems
  • brand story


Use your unique story throughout your marketing communications.

  • brochures
  • posters


Let Adri create a unique look for your project through custom images.

  • custom photography
  • styling
  • still life


Hand-drawn pen & ink illustrations elegantly illustrate your story.

  • custom illustrations
  • pen & ink
  • digital colouring
Adri Spyker, M.A.

Adri Spyker, M.A.

Creative Director

With a B.A. in Fine Art and an M.A. in Communications, Adri’s brings to each project her experience as a marketing specialist, marketing communications, creative direction, retail brand strategy visual merchandising/presentation, production design, event management and qualitative research.

As a published illustrator, photographer, paper crafter, writer and award-winning display + trade show booth designer, she loves helping people using creativity to solve a problem.