Your story is important.

Your story is your business. Let's craft it to build a welcoming bridge between your business and your customers.



You started your business for a reason. It is part of who you are. At the same time your customers need to hear just one narrative first. How do you clarify your story without leaving parts of yourself out?

Together we look at your whole story. I ask a lot of questions, and then we look at everything to find the consistent thread that goes through it all. I call it “Finding the Key.” Once we have that key, the website design process can begin!


What if you could build a gentle and inviting bridge to welcome your customers to your world?! You can! Your website is like a bridge that opens the coversation.

With your brand story as our guide, we can begin designing your website together. I use a highly collaborative approach so that your site truly reflects who you are. Every decision comes from your story because it truly sets the tone of the wording, the colour choices, and even the style of photography.


With a B.A. in Fine Art, and an M.A. in Communications (Journalism), Adri brings to each project her passion for creating bridges between businesses and their customers.

Using her experience in marketing communications and project management, she is both creative, organized, and results oriented. She has worked on B2B and B2C projects. 

Having worked as a production designer, as well as a retail visual merchandising display designer and manager, she brings those storytelling elements into her website designs.

When she isn’t working, you can find her reading a good mystery novel, or looking online for the next beautiful architectural building to visit someday for visual inspiration.