The Challenge

Website Redesign:

As a forward-thinking artist and maker, the client wanted to be a step ahead of her competition when this project began. Back then using an online presence as her marketing hub was not the norm for artists. (Times have changed now, and even more so because of the pandemic). Using the internet to show her work to the world continues to solidify her reputation as both a creative and a businessperson. 

Redesign Additions:

Later, the client also needed an online e-commerce store for her course and a newsletter opt-in form. We expanded the site to add these items.

Unique Challenges:

As both a business owner AND creative, the client needed someone who understood her creative drive. She also wanted a collaborative process (which we believe is the best way to work). Together, we translated her way of thinking into a consistent story, focussing on her customers.

Speaking of customers, the other issue was the fact that this site needed to feature both art and product with two different types of customers. We would need to guide the user carefully depending on their unique need/s.

How did it all come about?

Find out in The Process next.


The Process

Collaborative Conversations:

First, we sat down for a series of collaborative conversations. It was important that the client’s story was heard carefully and fully. As we listened, her full story was revealed.

Looking for the Key:

We asked a lot of questions. What was the origin of her creativity as a child? What type of client did she want to work with? As the client shared, we were beginning to find the key/essence of her brand and business.




Gather Content


consultation sessions

review of the current brand

online audit


review the customer/s

Sort & Organize


story development

content advising

some copy writing

some copy  editing

web design

unique web pages

web build

photo editing

new brand colours

new logo


    photo editing

    add background settings to certain images


    wordpress build





    Consistent Story:

    The result is a site that set the groundwork for a full-ecommerce site, not to mention the product and art showcases. It is all wrapped up in a consistent story that shows you who the client is, how she works, and brings you into her world.

    Showing the Story:

    Large photos and hero image title pages for the client’s story provided transition points for the reader/s throughout, helping to bring the reader right into the studio as the client worked.

    Setting the Stage:

    Background settings were added to key images. For example, the brick wall was added behind the pendant light to help the viewer feel like they were seeing the product in the real world.

    [Adri] You Listened

    “You have been extremely thorough about understanding the story behind my motivations. Super helpful to getting at core ideas, even as they morph and emerge. Then you have been able to come up with gorgeous designs showcasing my story and offerings, in a way that fits my values.

    Heidi Brannan

    Owner, Heidi Brannan Sculpture & Illuminations

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