Dancers with PD

Project Description

The Dancers with PD organization needed a logo and poster to publicize its’ dance/exercise classes for those with Parkinson’s Disease.  Using a tulip was important, and it was incorporated throughout the project for brand consistency.


  • create a logo to symbolize the work of Dancers with PD
  • in consultation with the client, the logo needed to be elegant and emphasize movement
  • put together a poster to advertise the classes


  • the word “Dancers” is italicized to symbolize that the classes are about movement
  • the logo is being used two ways on T-shirts – a stepped version, as well as a circle version
  • the poster advertises the class and can be used in multiple locations (created so the organization can edit the time and location)
  • a digital version was provided for electronic mailings, or to be printed as hard copies
  • the tulip was incorporated to provide a strong visual element for the group (tulips are the symbol for PD) and brand consistency

Project Details

Client Dancers with PD (Parkinson’s Disease)
Date 2015
Skills Branding, Poster Design & Layout, Logo Design, Illustration

Logos for T-shirts

The Dancers with PD logo was provided two different ways – a stepped version as well as one in a circle.  The logo in a circle is used as a crest for the front of T-shirts, and the stepped logo is used on the back.


A poster was created to show people participating in the Dancers with PD exercise classes.  The class data can be edited so that each branch of the group can have a poster with the appropriate details for their area.  Contact information at the bottom includes e-mail, website, and social media connecting points for those interested in the organization.

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